Conventional & Break Bulk Shipping Freight
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Conventional & Break Bulk Shipping Freight

Aspress Shipping is proficient in shipping conventional and break bulk cargo even door-to-door with the focus in helping companies save time, money and effort through an integrated logistics solution.

Aspress Shipping believes in pushing the boundaries for providing fully integrated break-bulk freight service. Our experts will take the extra mile to service clients’ projects till they are 100% satisfied. The break bulk services include:

  • Professional heavy lift project management
  • Free preliminary site visit to evaluate cargo’s unique features to plan appropriate heavy machinery requirements
  • Inland transportation for heavy lift cargo
  • Experienced shipping and chatering agent
  • Competent shipping formality delivery and door-to-door delivery
  • Preparing import and export customs clearance documentation
  • Packing and crating for cargo safety
  • Pick-up and delivery of over-sized cargo and heavy loads
  • Secure Short Term & Long Term Storage services
  • Marine insurance & other accredited government agencies services

RoRo Shipping Services

Customers enjoy cost effective and responsive shipping from Aspress Shipping’s Ro-Ro and Multi-Purpose Vessels as they can ship vehicles and even break-bulk cargo on regular schedules.

Benefits of using Aspress Shipping’s RORO services:

  • Free professional advice on most cost effective shipping method for customer’s cargo, requirements and timelines.
  • One-Stop Freight Solution
  • Proper cargo care with minimized cargo movement
  • Quick turnaround delivery service
  • Focus on proper cargo care with professional logistics equipment and latching services
  • Extensive list of experienced vendors for fast and responsive logistics service
  • Manpower and lifting cargo provided for transferring of cargo to mafi trailer

Regardless of different companies’ requirements, we have in-depth experience in managing it for Ro-Ro shipping freight, our extensive services cover:
Commercial Shipments: Commercial fleet shipments, including import & export of varying passenger cars to huge industrial trucks is offered port to port between all global ports with Ro-Ro facilities.

Outsized: Outsized vehicles such as coaches, civil engineering plant, trucks and almost any other wheel or track based vehicle.
Containerised Car Shipping: A containerised car shipping service if the shipping route does not support Ro-Ro or schedules are too infrequent.

Tug & Barge Shipping Freight

Aspress Shipping provides tugs and barges services that services the professional transportation ofheavy lift cargo to regional countries, vessel anchoring and ship alongside.

Aspress’s experienced operators and long range tug capabilities simplify the process of moving cargo to any port in the world. Regardless of the size and complexity of the cargo, we guarantee quick and cost effective shipping services for tug and barge shipping.

Heavy Lift Trucking

Aspress Shipping is highly experienced in industrial equipment transport, heavy hauling oversize freight with a thorough knowledge in all facets of the transportation industry and the actual backend logistics.

Transporting oversized cargo with trucks often becomes a dangerous activity therefore it is critical to hire the right company to manage it carefully. We transport huge cargo successfully because we provide world-class of trucking services which consist of:

  • Mega, super and heavy haul moving and load board
  • Apply relevant permit for inland transportation
  • Wide-load and Heavy Haul cargo insurance to any amount.
  • Industrial Heavy Haul equipment and machine trucking.
  • Expedited and Emergency Wide load and Heavy Haul services.
  • Network of industry experts.
  • Coordination with Police, Utilities and Obstructions.
  • Experienced heavy machinery positioning.

Machinery Positioning

Aspress’s dedicated machine mover team has the experience and expertise to solve and deal with the most complex industrial machineries for delivery, installation, packing, unpacking and shifting.

Aspress’s professional team handles machinery and plant relocations according to the exact requirements of our clients. We provide a complete turnkey operation with our own operating team of trucks, forklifts and positioning. Essentially, we will create an efficient work model to minimize any miscommunication and adhere to the highest safety standards. We are also equipped with custom-made tools to further enhance our competency and fulfill every client’s unique needs. No constraints or obstacles are too big for us.